The idea behind The Shed

The main idea behind The Shed is to help engineers achieve their dreams by supporting them to develop their ideas into commercially viable products and successful businesses.

I’ve led two of the region’s most successful engineering businesses, SMD and Pearson Engineering and now I want to use all of my experience to help the next generation of engineers and entrepreneurs.

There is no shortage of engineers with ideas but many find it difficult to get their ideas off the ground and that’s where The Shed comes in. As engineers ourselves we believe we’re perfectly placed to help them achieve their goal by giving our technical and financial support.

I want people with ideas to contact us in the knowledge that we will protect their intellectual property and work with them through development, prototyping, marketing, production and even funding if needs be. So if
you’ve got a great
idea, we have every resource to make it happen.

John Reece, Chairman of Reece Group

How The Shed can help

Engineering and technical expertise

We have years of engineering experience together with an extensive range of engineering contacts.


We can provide the finance required to take your idea from concept to commercial manufacture.


Our team can help take your idea from prototype to full-scale manufacture.


Our marketing team will help develop a marketing strategy to maximise the reach of your idea.

Idea Meets Resource

The Shed is a space in which innovation is transformed into manufacturing reality. If you have a new idea, a technical innovation, a new way of doing things but don’t have the engineering resource or finance to take it further... share it with us

We bring the following to innovation in partnership

Engineering/technical expertise

To assist in understanding innovation with a view to optimising engineering solutions

A network of engineering/technically expert contacts

To optimise technological input, out-of the-box-thinking and engineering excellence

Legal/commercial resource

To protect value in innovation and to devise commercial structures for its commercial development

Commercial reach/credibility

To assist in customer focussed commercial due diligence

Manufacturing capability

To take innovation from proof of concept through prototype to full-scale commercial manufacture

Investment capacity/co-investment contacts

To help fund innovation from concept to market/exit

Marketing capability

To enable innovation to be commercially realised

Exit experience

To help innovation generate maximum capital advantage

In short we have:

Technical capability
Financial resource
Commercial reach

Being innovators ourselves, we deliver it in a supportive and collaborative environment which recognises emotional as well as legal ownership.

Bring it to The Shed

Set up a meeting

  • Before you share your idea with us in more detail we will happily provide an NDA to protect your IP rights. Once your application is received, you can expect us to reply back to you.